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アリゾナ州フィネックス夏のあちこ~こ~(暑い)時には気温40度超えはあたりめー(当たり前) 真夏はエアコン24時間ふる稼動! これ常識!



Hello from Phoenix,Arizona! The Arizona temp is very high in summer time! Usually over 100F in summer, we use an AC 24/7! But as Okinawan people, we never forget Okinawan soul and always dance Kachashi-(Okinawan dance). We don’t have Hinukan (God of fire) here but we will make Okinawa soba!(noodle).

沖縄では“そば“と言えばそば粉を使わず、小麦粉で作ったものを”沖縄そば” または、“沖縄すば“と呼びます。


Okinawa soba is a type of noodle soup produced in Okinawa, Japan. In Okinawa we called soba, or suba in many Okinawan dialects, Okinawa soba made form Flour, although it is different from buckwheat noodles known as soba in the rest of Japan, very similar to Udon noodle style or chicken noodle soupe.



Even if you are living outside of Okinawa don’t worry I will show you how to make a Okinawan Noodle!

材料はシンプル  ingredients

A . 小麦粉300g

A. Flour 300g

B. 水 120cc 程度

B. water 120cc

C. 卵 1個

C. Egg 1

D. 塩 小さじ1と1/2

E. Salt T-1 and T-?

E. 重曹 小さじ1

E. Baking soda T-1

F. うち粉 適宜

F. Flour for dust surface

G. サラダ油 適宜

G. Vegetable Oil

H. ビール オリオンビール 冷蔵庫に入れておいて下さい

H.Beer Orion Beer is the best keep in the fridge until cold


Optional topping :cooked egg, pork belly, pickled ginger, chive.


沖縄そば麺の作り方 how to make a Okinawan Noodle

Step 1 食材を混ぜる

B. C. D. E の材料を混ぜ合わせておきます。

Combined B. C. D. E Mix well

Step 2 そぼろ状になるまで・・・

小麦粉にStep 1の液を3回程度に分けながら混ぜ合わせ、そぼろ状になるように混ぜます。

Put flour in the mixing bowl and add Step 1 mixture liquid in to the flour in 1/3 at time and make crumble with your finger


Step 3 こねる


Kneading dough, you can use food processor if you have option for Dough, or ask hubby or kid to help you out!
Knead until smooth surfaces if dough is too Powderly add some water



Hold on to the beer

Step 4 寝かせる


Cover the dough with plastic wrap and rest for at least 30 minutes


Step 5 伸ばす

生地を3~4等分に分けて F.うち粉を振った台で厚さ1-2mm程度に伸ばすします。10円玉くらいの厚さです。


Divide the dough 3~4 pieces and roll it on a F. Flower surfaces thickness same as nickel coin
You can use pasta maker too you can start with thicker #7 press #5 and go down to #3 don’t forget use flower for between the dough


Step 6 パスタマシーンor麺棒

麺にします。パスタマシーンのフェタチーニ用を使用 、または、麺棒で伸ばしてもOKです。

Cut the dough with fettuccini or you can use rolling pin and cut to size


Step 7 ちぢれ麺に・・・


Squeeze noodle to make a kink noodle


Step 8 茹でる


Cook noodle with boiling water when noodle comes up on the top their done,


Step 9 冷ます


Drain the hot water and place the noodle on cooking pan add vegetable oil so they don’t stick together and cool the noodle’s temperature quickly.


Step 10 カリー!

麺を器に盛りスープを注いでお好みで薄焼き卵、三枚肉、沖縄おばあ直伝!美味しい「ラフテー」の作り方参照、紅しょうが、刻みねぎなどをトッピング。そして、H. ビール オリオンビール を冷たく冷やしたジョッキに注いでカリー!

Place noodle in the bowl then add soup(pork and bonito base) you can put cooked egg, pork belly, pickled ginger, chive as you like
H. Pour Orion beer in to cold glass and praise yourself!

一言アドバイス 1 point advise


If you use American flour please cook the noodle in same day otherwise dough will get black spots so boil noodle in same day.

まとめ Summary


In Arizona you can purchase this premade Okinawa soba at specialty grocery store but pretty expensive and taste is so, so I strongly recommend you should make your own noodle!




Okinawa Soba (noodles) can be made very easily with ingredients from your pantry. To recruit help from your hubby or kid, tell them, “this is play dough” so they can knead the dough for you.
The most important point is this noodle does not have preservatives, as opposed to dried noodles. Fresh noodles taste much better as well! Stay tuned as I continue to introduce more delicious Okinawan food to you!
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