starving for Okinawan noodle made from scratch from US


アリゾナ州フィネックス夏のあちこ~こ~(暑い)時には気温40度超えはあたりめー(当たり前) 真夏はエアコン24時間ふる稼動! これ常識!



Hello from Phoenix,Arizona! The Arizona temp is very high in summer time! Usually over 100F in summer, we use an AC 24/7! But as Okinawan people, we never forget Okinawan soul and always dance Kachashi-(Okinawan dance). We don’t have Hinukan (God of fire) here but we will make Okinawa soba!(noodle).

沖縄では“そば“と言えばそば粉を使わず、小麦粉で作ったものを”沖縄そば” または、“沖縄すば“と呼びます。


Okinawa soba is a type of noodle soup produced in Okinawa, Japan. In Okinawa we called soba, or suba in many Okinawan dialects, Okinawa soba made form Flour, although it is different from buckwheat noodles known as soba in the rest of Japan, very similar to Udon noodle style or chicken noodle soupe.



Even if you are living outside of Okinawa don’t worry I will show you how to make a Okinawan Noodle!
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